1 thought on “Vintage St. Catharines Picture Show”

  1. Omg! What incredible memories. We moved to st Kitts in January of 76. Originally from Burlinton. Best years of my life were in that city. I went to Maywwod on Haig St. Queen Mary on Carleton. Then Lakeport. I grew up on Ventura Dr. This has been an incredible read for me. Too bad so much has changed over the years. Living in Texas now.. I so can’t wait to bring my husband home to see my roots. I see a lot of familiar names in your feed. Yet so many from my past I cant even locate on Facebook at all. Back in the day pretty much everyone either know me or heard of me. I was home last year. First time in my life I didn’t run into a single person from the past. Port was one of my favorite hangouts until I had a gun pulled on me back in 1980. There was a park up the hill of Michigan Beach. I remember being up there the night of Hailey’s comet watching the shooting stars.

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