When reading Clickbank’s Pitchplus instructions you might get confused on how to set it up with WordPress.  Let’s make it a little easier.

  1. Install and activate the Header Footer Plugin from the WP Plugins Repo
  2. Install and activate the Insert PHP Script from the WP Plugins Repo.
  3. From the Pitchplus instructions link you’ll copy the javascript to the header section of the Header Footer plugin.  Save it.  See javascript here.
  4. Create 2 PHP shortcodes as shown in the images.  One called cbf and the other called vtid. 

    echo $_REQUEST[‘cbf’];
    echo $_REQUEST[‘vtid’];

    Now on your BeaverBuilder page you’ll need to insert an HTML element and paste the code found here.

You’ll want to edit the code in step 5 since I am not sure Clickbank will let you use ‘blah blah’ in your checkbox.  And you can drop a nice BUY BUTTON image instead of plain text.

You’ll notice some scripts that are in the buy link like [xyz-ips snippet=’cbf’].  This will grab the variable from the URL and add it to your link.

Give it a go!

Once you set it up it should look something like this when you try to click the buy link without checking the box.

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