Tag management should be one of those courses they teach in high school… along with managing your checking account.

In Active Campaign it is important to manage your tags wisely lest they get unwieldy.

My system is fairly straightforward and can be implemented quickly – just 2 or 3 steps.

1. Categories. All tags are assigned to a category via square brackets.  This keeps everything organized and you can quickly understand what is going on.  Note: They are working on some sort of categorization for tags.  Yay!

2. Descriptions.  I use something that is descriptive so I can understand it later on.  It is also important that somebody else can understand it.


[Bought] Product X

[Completed] New User Welcome Sequence

[Refund] Product X

[Event] Visited Product X Sales Page

[Interested in] Product X

[RFM] Active Contact

[Source] Product X Webinar

[Status] Buyer

[Test] Some Test About Something

As you can see you can pretty easily understand what the tag is there for.

3. Updating Tags.  If you are starting with a clean slate there is no need for this step.  However, if you are looking to get your tags under control then you need one piece of advice… be careful.  If you use tags liberally to pull contacts in to automations and you change your tag layouts things could break.  They could also re-fire the sequence and cause havoc by having people getting the same thing they’ve previously seen.

So proceed with caution here if you are updating things.  Making automations inactive doesn’t seem to prevent them from running after you re-activate them.

Let me know how you are using tags in your systems… and what questions you have.

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