Getting Your Server Ready

  1. Login to your MCProHosting account.  The section that you manage your account in is called
  2. Click on MY SERVER and  click the STOP button.  Wait a moment while the server stops.
  3. Scroll down the page and look for the JAR section.  The filename might be called something like ‘previous_server.jar’
  4. Change the name to ‘custom.jar’ and SAVE.
  5. The screen should change to show something like CUSTOM JAR and a DISABLE button.

Getting Forge ModLoader (FML)

  1. Download the Forge Installer from  Look for the 1.6.4-Recommended version on the (Installer) link.  You’ll see it when you get over there.
  2. Save that file to your computer then open the file.  If you are on a PC you might have to right-click and choose open with JAVA.  On a Mac you can just click it.
  3. Choose Install Server and set a directory to where to put the files.  Make it something easy to remember like on your Desktop called Forge Server.
  4. Now go get Filezilla ready.

Getting Files from your Computer to your Server

  1. Download and install Filezilla.  This is an FTP Client.  FTP = File Transfer Protocol.
  2. Once it is setup you will connect to it using  your credentials from your multicraft server.
  3. Click the left column for FILES.  Then click FTP File Access.
  4. You’ll see the credentials
    HOST (the IP address of your server)
    PORT (should be 21)
    FTP Username (should be Name:Number)
    Password (whatever you chose)
  5. Enter those into the top row of Filezilla and press QuickConnect
  6. In the left window navigate to the place that you installed the Forge Server files.  (Was it your desktop?)
  7. In the right window you will see the files on the server.
  8. In the left window you will see 3 files:
    LIBRARIES (a folder)
  9. Rename the MINECRAFTFORGE_UNIVERSAL to CUSTOM.JAR by right clicking on the name
  10. Now highlight and drag all the files from the left side (your computer) to the right side (the server).
  11. Wait while all the files upload.

Final Steps

  1. Once filezilla has finished loading those files go ahead and START the server in your multicraft dashboard.
  2. Wait about 10 seconds and the server will booted and the installation of Forge will be complete.
  3. In Filezilla’s right window right click and REFRESH.
  4. You should now see a folder called MODS


Installing Mods

  1. Now that you have Forge setup on your server you can drag files to the /MODS folder on the server.
  2. Download your mods from your favorite place and then drag them to the /MODS folder on the server.
  3. Note – read the installation instructions for the mods.  Sometimes you need to unzip that first zipped file to get to the goods.

7 thoughts on “Install Forge ModLoader (FML) on MCProHosting’s Multicraft”

  1. Thanks so much for this! I was going through hell trying to figure out how because there were so many useless videos that didnt work.

  2. I installed the Forge installer (I used 1.7.10 instead of 1.6.4 however) and I followed all the steps. Downloaded forge to a folder, located folder in Filezilla, moved them to the right window, started server, but the thing is, I never see the “MODS” folder. I’ve went over the directions several times, as well as re-did the steps. Would anyone know how to help?

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