I recently saw a question on an Active Campaign Facebook group on how to make an automation that is triggered every two weeks.

Let’s say that you have a webinar that you want to promote every 2 weeks.  Here’s how to make an automation that will run on repeat every other Monday.




Step 1:

Wait until the day of the week is Monday and the time is 9AM.

Step 2:

Send email 1 about the webinar this Thursday.

Step 3:

Wait for 1 day.

Step 4:

Send email 2 about the webinar this Thursday.

Step 5:

Wait for 7 days

Step 6:

Go to the beginning again (which waits for the following Monday)


Some Notes About The Automation

The wait for 7 days could be more days but not less.  Here’s why…

Monday is day 0.  Tuesday is day 1.  If you wait 7 days after the Tuesday email it would put you to NEXT Tuesday (the off week) and then start over which waits until Monday at 9AM again.  That would be 3rd Monday effectively skipping the off week.

Hope that makes sense.


4 thoughts on “How To Make An Automation That Repeats Every Two Weeks”

  1. Hey Darren, ran across your stuff and it seems like you have a pretty good handle on creating active campaign automations. Was wondering if you’d be up for a challenge? I’m familiar with infusionsoft but not active campaign and need to create some daily complex automations. Interested in a little coaching?

  2. Love this idea Darren. It got me thinking that maybe I could add in some extra layer too.
    – check for a tag added to subscribers who are already registered, so I don’t send it to them again.
    – maybe even include the email reminders for registered attendees
    – and a follow up with the replay link sent to people who attended.

    I’ve been waffling back and forth with AC for a while, and just took the final plunge this month – I keep looking for new and innovative automations to add to the mix. Thanks for this one!

    1. You would want to have the email set to go out at 9AM and then restart and WAIT UNTIL 9AM.

      1. WAIT UNTIL 9AM
      2. SEND EMAIL
      3. WAIT 1 HOUR

      I have step 3 in there just as an extra precaution of it looping at 9AM again. The WAIT in step 3 could be anything more than a few minutes. Might be overkill but rather not find out a user go 59 copies of the same email back-to-back 🙂

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