PROBLEM: Manually setting up PayPal buttons is a pain.  It also does not allow for affiliate payments and of course instant affiliate payments.

I tend to deliver single download information products in a membership area.  It helps to protect the downloads and gives a better experience for the client.  These are single product downloads and not recurring or subscription payments (which DigiResults does not handle at this time).

Surprisingly I didn’t find any posts about how to integrate the two platforms so I emailed their support.  This is the result of the wonderful assistance of Lynette Crase and Dominic Baggot at DigiResults Support broken down into bite-sized chunks.  To integrate DigiResults with WishList Member is actually pretty simple once I got the low down.

Assumptions: I will assume you have your WishList Member site setup and membership levels assigned.  If not, you will need at least one membership level to make this process work.

Integrate DigiResults with WishList Member:

1. In WishList Member go to the Integration tab and make sure you are on Shopping Cart Integration.
2. Choose Clickbank under the Select System option.
3. Copy the Thank You URL to a text file.
4. Copy the Secret Word to the same text file.

Integrate DigiResults With Wishlist Member

5. Copy the membership level SKU to that text file (copy from the ?sku=1234567890)

Integrate DigiResults With Wishlist Member
6. In WishList Member now click the MEMBERSHIP LEVELS tab and copy the Registration URL for the appropriate product.  Paste it in the text file and add the ?sku=1234567890 to the end of it.  Obviously change 1234567890 with your number.

Integrate DigiResults With Wishlist Member
7. Switch browser tabs to DigiResults, login and choose Manage then Products.
8. Either List New Product or click an existing product to edit it.
9. Make sure all the relevant details are setup in DigiResults such as name, price, commission, sales page url and support email.
10. In DigiResults paste the WishList Member registration URL from step 6 to the Thank you page box with the ?sku= stuff added.  This will ensure they land on the right page to get registered for that product.
11. Click Advanced Settings and expand.
12. For your direct receipt URL paste the url from step 3.
13. At the end of the Direct Receipt URL make sure you have the ?sku= and then the SKU number from step 5.  It should look something like:

Integrate DigiResults With Wishlist Member
14. Now in DigiResults click EDIT ACCOUNT at the top right of the page
15. Under Advanced Settings you will see DIRECT RECEIPT SECRET CODE.  You have two choices here.  Please fully read and understand before proceeding…

a) Not recommended: Using the secret code from WishList Member you paste it here and update.  If this is the first product that you are integrating then this is fine.  If you have multiple products, skip down to step b.

b) Use the Direct Receipt secret code on DigiResults by copying it and changing the Secret Word code on the Integration page (see step 4) of WishList Member.  If you have multiple products on DigiResults and they are integrating with WishList Member then you want to use a single code across all your Wishlist installs.  If you change the code on DigiResults it will break any other products that were using it.  So use the DigiResults secret code as the master.

Integrate DigiResults With Wishlist Member

That’s it.  You are all set.  You can now integrate DigiResults and WishList Member to take orders and create a simple affiliate program for your single-pay products and membership sites.

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