Let’s admit it.

Dealing with DNS when migrating servers f*cking sucks.

Update nameservers…  

Flush browser cache…

Flush it again…

One more time for good luck…


Recently my Macbook kept picking up days old DNS and inadvertently sending me back to an old install of a website. No matter how many times I flushed my cache it would just keep taking me back to it after a few minutes.

Since both sites we identical I devised a quick little hack to determine where I was pointing to.

I made a text file on the server that said OLD SERVER or NEW SERVER.  One copy went on each install.

So when I visited example.com/location.txt I would know immediately where I was and could take appropriate action if a good flushing was in order.

That’s it.  Super easy.  But if you’ve had DNS and caching issues then you know how powerful this little hack is for checking where they hell you are.

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