If you are like me (and who isn’t!?) you have a TON of PDF’s on your computer that you would like to read on your Kindle.  If you have been sending them to your device by the email address they provide as regular PDF you’ll notice that it formats it in a way that is a bit difficult to read.

This morning I discovered a great tool for converting PDF to MOBI which you can then email to your kindle (or USB if you prefer).

You’ll get some hokey formats occasionally, but it is much easier to read than the full page of a PDF with size 1 fonts.

Here is the FREE PDF to Kindle tool:


2 thoughts on “Convert PDF to Kindle Format”

  1. Hello, I have discovered another free tool to convert pdf file to mobi format, or even epub. It is called http://kitpdf.com/ and it can easily convert your pdf documents; there’s no need to install, just upload files and see the results.

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