I’ve been exploring ActiveCampaign today.  So far, quite impressed.  The list of explicit integrations is near-limitless with their use of Zapier.com.  One that I use regularly and needed an integration is to connect OptimizePress 2 Member (OP2M for short).

Normally I use the OP2M API to add users from the CRM to membership levels.

Below are the instructions for connecting ActiveCampaign + Zapier to add users to OP2M.

1. Choose Trigger & Action

Select ACTIVECAMPAIGN for the left side.  Choose WEB HOOK for the right side.



In this example I want the trigger event to be when a contact is added to the list called SUBSCRIBERS.  I’ll POST a web hook when that happens.

2. Connect your ActiveCampaign account with your API details.

3. Nothing to do here.

4. Filter Campaign Triggers


I chose my list called SUBSCRIBERS.  I’ll likely mess with custom filters to see if I can filter out updates as I am not sure if any changes will trigger unnecessary posts to the OP2M site.  I really only need this to happen once.  To be explored further later…

5.  Enter your URL.

See the instructions for the required fields at OptimizePress.

Set the Payload Type to RAW.  I set unflatten to no, but I am not sure that is completely needed (yet).



6. Test the zap.

If it worked correctly you should have just created a user in your OP2M database and they should receive a notification of their account.



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