Member Mouse is a super powerful WordPress plugin for managing a membership area.

If you want to push Member Mouse buyers or members into your Active Campaign database then follow these quick steps using Zapier.

1. Login to Zapier and create a new Zap

2. Select Webhook (Catch Hook)  for the left side and ActiveCampaign (Add/Update Contact) for the right side.



3. A secret URL will be created that you can copy to your clipboard.


4. Connect your ActiveCampaign account if you are not already setup.

5. Skip down to section 5 where you will select the LIST that you are using in ActiveCampaign.  At this point you will likely need to move over to Member Mouse in WordPress because Zapier won’t know what the data looks like.



6. Click on the DEVELOPER TOOLS section of Member Mouse and CREATE PUSH NOTIFICATION.


Set it up so that when a new bundle is added and a specific bundle for the product you are working with then Call A Custom Script and enter the Zapier Webhook Catcher from Step 3 here and save Push Notification.

7. Now you will need to make sure it is active then press the green science-y looking icon to trigger a test of the webhook.


8. Switch back to Zapier and that pop up should have collected the information.  Now you can go back through section 5 and set it up to collect all the data you want.

I collect:

  • Email
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone
  • Billing Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Country

I also add any buyer tags here like [Bought] Super Awesome Product






9. Test the with sample data and a SAMPLE user should be added to Active Campaign.  If not, rewind here and troubleshoot — it is usually pretty obvious what went wrong.

10. Final step is to give it a clear name.  I often use the tag structure [Bought] Super Awesome Product  or Add Buyers of XYZ to Active Campaign.  Save it and she is live.


What we’ve done…

We told Member Mouse to send all the member info over to a Zapier webhook catcher that is listening for incoming information.  When it receives that information it is pushing it into Active Campaign for a specific list and tagging them as a buyer of your super awesome product.

3 thoughts on “Connect Member Mouse to Active Campaign”

  1. Hey Darren

    Super helpful post.

    We found that after a while (maybe 2 years) that we wanted to do more automations and without the possibility of delays so we moved away from Zapier and built a plugin we use in-house.

    Last week we released it publicly.

    I used the website field in the comments to link to it. I hope that’s ok.

    If not or if you want to chat I obviously left my email as well.


  2. Hey Darren (and Brecht). I was in a similar boat about this time last year, except with connecting WordPress to Infusionsoft via various Zapier zaps. The delay time was an issue and some stuff just couldn’t be done with Zapier. I created the plugin WP Fusion to provide a native WordPress solution for connecting WordPress plugins (MemberMouse, as well as dozens of others) directly to Infusionsoft.

    With the number of people switching from Infusionsoft to ActiveCampaign, we rebuilt the plugin a couple of months ago to support multiple CRMs, now including ActiveCampaign. You can map up any number of custom fields from a user’s profile to their contact record in AC. New registrations will automatically make new contacts in AC, and any profile updates will be synced. You can also apply tags / trigger actions based on site behavior, and lock site content based on tags.

    Take a look at


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