Closed Loop Report (CLR) is basically a way to capture the source of a lead and be able to know which source created the sales… thereby closing the loop. Most marketers are capturing very little of this data… but it is really quite easy.

This is admittedly a hack to get some tracking data into OAP so that I can figure out which specific ad or traffic source is bringing the most sales.  I trust it will help you too… When you are doing paid traffic make sure you are using Google Analytics URL Builder so that the variables are passed to your landing page.

First, take a look at this post on hidden fields in Office Autopilot forms. That had the ‘how-to’ part for doing hidden forms easily.

Next, in the Admin section choose Field Editor and create a Section called “Google Analytics”.  Click the magnifying glass and then add Text fields for the Google Analytics URL tags: utm_source, utm_medium, utm_content and utm_campaign.

field editor


Next we setup the SHORTCODE EXEC PHP which is just one line for each:

Create this for each utm which now creates a shortcode for each to be called up in your smartform.


Now create or edit a SmartForm by adding the utm fields, saving the form and publishing the HTML code.



Grab the HTML code to your favorite editor and we’re going to make two quick changes to the utm_ lines.

The Original

The Changes

You will see that two parts were changed.

Change type=”text” to type=”hidden” and value=”utm_source” to value=[get_utm_source]

By doing this you are making the field hidden and then calling the shortcode to grab the utm_source from the URL. Change each of the lines – DO NOT COPY from above as that will not work.

Last Step
You now have the HTML code ready to insert in to your form. When your leads opt-in you will be collecting the Google Analytics data into their contact record. Now just make a contact group for buyers so you can export and see the source of the buyer traffic.

Loop. Closed.

4 thoughts on “Closed Loop Reporting (Sorta) with Ontraport”

  1. How do you close the other loop though? So OAP now knows full circle. But how can you define Analytics goals with OAP so it knows the sign-up/sale/whatever has happened? How do you close the loop in GA? I’d like to cross-pollinate data. So have OAP user IDs filter to GA (so I can see who didn’t complete funnels etc.) and indeed GA tags etc. to OAP.

    1. Darren Crawford

      I’ve not taken the time to get deeper with that but it would be interesting for sure. Perhaps one day I will… unless they come out with a nice, easy and clean solution.

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