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How To Make An Automation That Repeats Every Two Weeks

I recently saw a question on an Active Campaign Facebook group on how to make an automation that is triggered every two weeks. Let’s say that you have a webinar that you want to promote every 2 weeks.  Here’s how to make an automation that will run on repeat every other Monday.     Step 1:…

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Collect User Data Via Customized Gravity Forms (and Zapier)

Here’s a quick trick to segment your list based on custom data in WordPress using GravityForms. GravityForms Create a new form that asks 1 question and has a hidden field for email.  Make sure you are populating it with the variable ’email’.  GravityForms documentation has lots of info on this part. The one question should…

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Connect OptimizePress2 Member (OP2M) to ActiveCampaign

I’ve been exploring ActiveCampaign today.  So far, quite impressed.  The list of explicit integrations is near-limitless with their use of  One that I use regularly and needed an integration is to connect OptimizePress 2 Member (OP2M for short). Normally I use the OP2M API to add users from the CRM to membership levels. Below…

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