You Know You Are From St Catharines When…

I don’t recall where I first got these, but if you are from St. Catharines, Ontario and over 30 then you will probably nod feverishly to at least half of these.

If you know who created the list, let me know in the comments so I can give them proper credit.

Edit: It seems we may have identified the original creator of the list; Sam Burgio, brother of commentor Carm.  Thanks Carm!

You Know Your Are From St. Catharines if...

1. You played pool (at least once) at The Rack.
2. You remember the Bijou Arcade in Lincoln Mall. (If you actually played in there consider yourself a veteran!)
3. You always wondered if anyone went inside of that Blackbeard’s Barbershop at the corner of Geneva and Linwell.
4. You shopped at Food City, Towers, Woolco, and Food Terminal followed by their respective successors of IGA, Zellers, Walmart and Commisso’s.
5. You ate at all 37 different Fish and Chips franchises at the north corner of the Linwell Plaza.
6. You had your prescriptions filled at the Big V.
7. You ALWAYS refer to AVONDALE when speaking of a convenience store no matter where you are in the world).
8. You played with and probably cried over the Tiger-Cat toys at the front of Bargain Harold’s at the Lincoln Mall.
9. You remember that stuffed animal in a hot air balloon hanging from the ceiling inside the OLD Fairview Mall, or the live birds inside the big cage.
10. You won a Book-IT coupon from elementary school and you used it to buy a personal sized pepperoni pizza at Pizza Hut.
11. You attended at least one of the St. Alfred Italian Feasts even if you aren’t Italian.
12. You joyfully ran up and down the many brown tiled ramps that were inside the old Pen Centre.
13. You thought that Lincoln Mall Cinemas were the best in the city, even though the Town Cinemas on St. Paul St. were cooler.
14. You worked out at either the old Downtown or Grantham YMCA’s.
15. One of your parents or grandparents bought cold cut meats at the Italian Shop on Garnet St.
16. Your heart flutters with recognition whenever you see someone outside of the Niagara Region carrying a Commisso’s bag.
17. You went with your parents to buy plants on Ontario Street across from the K-Mart.
18. You were shit on at Happy Rolph’s more than once!
19. One of your parents misses Joe McCaffery
20. You played in the Queen Elizabeth community centre 15 yrs ago and you thought it was a dive even back then!
21. You point out to every out of towner that Victoria School was featured in the Christmas Story.
22. You bought velcro shoes, white underwear or socks at least once at each major Biway outlet in the city.
23. You saw a $2 movie at the Pendale Cinemas.
24. You went on a date to TropiGolf or caused shit there with one of your friends.
25. You had a Blue or Red Icee (aka liquid cocaine) at the Woolco Food Court.
26. You pissed in Lancaster Pool.
27. You hate getting caught at one of the bridges (if you understand this sentence you ARE a true St. Kitter!)
28. Your ice cream has dropped out of the cone at the Avondale Dairy Bar on Stewart Road.
29. Your ID was taken away at the Lakeside or Gord’s.
30. You know Pearson Park as the “Rocket ship park“.
31. You remeber the Word of Life church being an orchard.
32. You can drive through downtown without getting confused, park for free,and find your car at the end of the night.
33. The best place to get lunch downtown was at Diana Sweets.
34. You smoked pot or tobagganed at Jaycee Park.
35. You get confused in towns without Summer and Winter bars.
36. You’ve been on at least one date which included “walking the pier.
37. You know the differnce between Welland, Wellandport, and Port Weller.
38. You have a personal favourite Tim Hortons
39. You feel a certain smug superiority over everyone who’s from Thorold.
40. You hate Niagara Falls.
41. You got tricked at least once as a kid by the knife & tool sharpening truck, mistaking it for a Dikee-Dee.
42. You went to the front window of the Hobby Shop on St. Paul St. to put your hand on the glass and make the train go around the track.
43. You bought canned goods at Valdi’s.
44. You had a birthday pizza party as a kid at Julio’s, your name was put on the train, and a Polaroid picture of you was put on a button.
45. You went grocery shopping at either the Miracle Mart, Dominion, or Loblaws at the Pen, and then bought bottles of cream soda at the Pop Shoppe.
46. You were born at the Hotel Dieu Hospital.
47. You had a hard time deciding whether to go to the Friday night Falcons game, or wait until Saturday to see the Saints play.
48. Jack Gatecliff Arena will always be known to you as Garden City Arena.
49. Sergeant Harry Artinian visited your school with Elmer the Safety Elephant.
50. You slid down the big steel slide at Motebello Park.
51. You learned how to hit a golf ball on the driving range where Costco is now. Remember the big yellow tires?
52. A good place for ice cream was the Baskin Robbins on Geneva Street.
53. It used to seem like you were driving far out into the country when you went to Club Roma.
54. You slept out in at tent at Camp Wetaskiwin.
55. You’ve gotten really drunk at the Mansion House after the Grape & Wine Festival Parade.
56. You were in the Pied Piper Parade at some time during your childhood.
57. You hit a methane gas pole with your ball at the Municipal Golf Course.
58. You loved to explore the different departments (especially the toys upstairs) at Coy Brothers.
59. Before the Mandarin, there was Kim Court, and before there was Toys R Us there was Consumers Distributing – both at the Pendale Plaza.
60. You tell everyone around you that the song is about St. Catharines whenever you hear “Lakeside Park” by Rush being played on the radio

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Darren Crawford

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kimcourtjester - 4 years ago

I hate that you have reminded me of so many fond memories of home. I miss the bridges… and avondales…. mansion house… haha thorold. theyll get there one day… sheeans… montebello park yeaa… and a moment of silence for choo choo charlies, beloved neighbor (to some degree) of Julios.

well done. tears of painful joy come streaming down my face.

Gailking_1 - 3 years ago

Are you the Darren Crawford that used to bowl at Pla-Mor? I figure you must be you, I remember you living close to it. I am the mother of all the Stup boys. Wow so long ago, so it seems…

1971roxy - a couple of years ago

Not only did I get my prescriptions filled at The Big V, I worked there the whole time they were there until they were bought out by Shoppers…Dianna sweets can now be found in Clare’s (Harley Davidsons)…..and Sargent Harry is still around he’s a customer of a pharmacy I worked at…..awe thanks for all the found memories

Charity Gilmore - a couple of years ago

Darren, I love this!!! So true!!! ~Charity

Debbie Mcpherson - a couple of years ago

I’ve lived in St. Catharines for 30 years, from Toronto, and love it here.  Many of these things I had forgotten about…. When was the Avondale Dairy on Reed Road…. I’ve only known it on Stewart Rd… both my kids worked there as teenagers.

Hope - a couple of years ago

don’t forget the old ymca building downtown and attending dances there

Hope - a couple of years ago

and the roller rink on Ontario St….skating to “Band on the Run” and the “Locomotion”

Joel Pops Diacur - a couple of years ago

The Root beer river flowing down Oakdale ave,the steam whistles from Domtar and Kimberly -Clark papermills and Colonel Saunders in the Merriton Labour day parade!!

Mike B. - a couple of years ago

Thanks for the flash back. I remember when AVONDALE use to deliver milk to our house. We all had these metal boxes that where insulated with AVONDALE printed on the front ,and they would be next to our side doors. Got to be in the 60’s and early 70’s.
I remember the birdcages at the Fairview Mall, also remember a small war plane( I think it was) ,,hanging from the ceiling. I think it was around where the food court is now. I have a B&W picture of my father painting the metal parts of the big sign that said “Fairview Mall’ out front of the mall near ”The Right House”. Theres another store gone. Where Zehr.s stands now.
Do you remember Julios Plant one and Plant two,,,the train that went around the place,,and the Spaghetti Monster. lol The wife and I where just talking about plant one and two earlier this evening as we where driving back from Dairy Queen.
Well,,that was fun,,,I could go on and on. Alot of changes over the years.

Debbie Petch - a couple of years ago

Sigh, still living here. Thanks for the memories though.

Peggy M - a couple of years ago

The bird cage from Fairview Mall is at Vineland Antiques and the 30 ft Xmas Stocking from the roof of The Right House is lit up every Xmas on the side of the Vineland Antiques store at 4227 Victoria Ave in Vineland. It’s worth a trip out to see it.

    kandys m - last year

    wow, just googled the address and there it is, sittin at the side of the road, looks a lot smaller when its not inside a mall….lol, then again I was smaller too so everything seemed bigger………..I can hear that bird whistling now!!

Carm - a couple of years ago

Hi! My brother Sam Burgio actually started this hilarious list about 10 years ago!! He wrote the first 30 or so while in university. Others have obviously added to the list over the years. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw that his list was posted on Facebook!

Dave MacDonald - last year

Pretty good list… #26, Lancaster Pool – I remember the Ice Cream there – it was a hard packed cylinder – they peeled the paper off and put it in the cone..oh ya, and I did pee in the pool. I spent about 35 of my 50 years there – still could not figure out downtown….The Pop Shoppe also had delivery trucks in the burbs – I still have a book I bought at Towers with the label on it…I think the engineers who designed the city did so after three weeks of continuous mind stimulants….and no ruler….Only in St. Catharines can you have the same street both parallel and perpendicular…And you would remember that Linwell didn’t always go all the way to Ontario…the old Landfill by the arena was there. They built Sheridan Park school on top of the landfill – as the first students there we got to watch the foundation crack and the trash start to come up through the soil…it was a great and probably toxic experience – but most of us survived. it. We all know someone who lived in either Gerry Cheever’s house on Grantham, or Doug Favell’s house, or Rick Hampton’s – and whenever we saw Wilf Paiement wearing #99 for the Leafs we told everyone that he was from St. Catharines. We always pretended that Thorold wasn’t part of St. Catharines, and Niagara on the Lake pretended they we weren’t part of them. And finally, for some of you, you will remember standing next to the canal while sailors from all different countries through foreign change down. One more finally – everyone who is really a St. Catharines native has a yellowed copy of the St. Catharines Standard that they have kept that has their name in it somewhere.

    chrisvantr - last year

    We were on the front page twice. Once when the get a way car from the St. Davids bank robbery was found on our property and the other when our barn burnt on Jan. 7th , 77 and yes we still have the copy of the paper.

    Donna Parr - a couple of months ago

    Those hard ice-cream were called mallow rolls and were exclusive to Sivlerwoods Dairy. It was on Welland Ave on the north side between Niagara and East streets. The dairy also had the goose neck bottles that allowed the cream to rise to the top. There was a special spoon that abled you to decant the cream without the milk mixing in. My dad used to be the head pasteurizer there.

Brad - last year

That was fun, but the Avondale is on Stewart Rd, not Reed Rd. And why did that Rocket Ship at Pearson Park always reek of pee? And why DID everyone always cause so much trouble at TropiGolf?

laurie - last year

My friend started this list! It had since evolved!

Jenn - last year

Club 404

    Laura - a couple of months ago

    aha – yes Club404! We used to put old hairspray bottles filled with alcohol in our purses to sneek it in and drink in the bathroom…

DBailey - last year

Simply awesome!

joanne - last year

love it!! and don’t forget an awesome play date was going to the sandpiles and rolling down – whether you wanted to or not!!

David Wilson - last year

and you know
that King Donuts on Bunting Road is the only licensed donut shop around; and remember bicycle trails near the sand piles along the water treatment plant and canal; and
Saturday In The Park at Montebello Park; and the two drive-in movie theatres at the Lakeshore and on the hill near Brock University

ammvdz - last year

Mostly true… to bad (too bad) Avondale Dairy Bar is on Stewart Rd not Read Rd. (you also spelt (spelled) it wrong) and is in Niagara-on-the-Lake NOT St. Catharines.

M McLean - last year

What about tobogganing down suicide hill?

Kelly Mawhinney - last year

More stuff: you remember being at the Pen Centre before it was enclosed – it was first an open set of shops. You remember going to Lakeside park swimming pool and paying a dime to get in. You wore jesus sandals to go everywhere and Jesus Chris Super Star the song was playing on the radio. You helped raise money to save the carousel in the 60’s when it was under threat of being dismantled. You went to Sparky’s variety to buy your very first Tiger Beat magazine which cost 50 cents. You crossed the highway from behind Queen Mary school to get too the Fairview mall as a shortcut (not smart of course). You played down by the old Welland canal – and got into trouble if that was discovered. You hung out at the Welland canal to watch ships go through or your family made you do so. Trips to the big Avondale in the country to get massive ice creams and sit by the cows to eat them. Riding your bike from St. Kitts to Niagara on the Lake and thinking that it was really close to where you lived in St. Kitts. The first trip to Sam’s to get your very first record – usually a 45 because that’s what you could afford – and being so excited when they sealed your purchase in the plastic wrap.

Deb - last year

No one said anything about the Red Barn on Hartzell Rd… as a kid in the 60’s & 70’s that was a big outing for dad and all 7 kids piled in the stationwagon, miilkshakes & fries at the Red Barn or cones at the Avondale then on to watch a couple boats go through the canal… ( I was always the one that dropped my ice cream in the back of the stationwagon but it was never my fault!!! ) Great childhood memories!

    Donna Parr - a couple of months ago

    No one mentioned the A&W drive in on Ontario St. with car hops and the great big brown bottles of root beer that you could purchase there. It later was a Frank Vetieres Pizzeria and is now Jack Asstors

john - last year

This is pretty funny. I was looking for something completely different on line and stumbled across this site. Born at the Hotel Dieu, it all sound very familiar. What about racing around Victoria Lawn Cemetary after coming back from over the river on the weekends?

Joe - last year

You had your skates sharpend at Bob Patricks, on St. Paul Street

Jen_is - last year

This!!! It was at Zellers on Bunting rd!

Jan Bentley - last year

I remember seeing alice cooper at the old arena

    Natalie M - last year

    I still have a poster torn off a hydro pole for that concert

Chadd Parker - last year

I remember lots of stuff i could write a book lol I miss the old dount dinner at the plaza on Welland Av ,and the people that would meet there! I worked for the City for 7-8 years and witness them wreck ever good thing they had there and waste more money then you care to know! And took a lot of good people down to protect themselves, I hear they contract out everything now days still to the management / supervisor’s that own there own company’s ! And it’s still is one VERY Corrupt place run by self feeders form the cops to city hall one big boy’s club of weak ass sheep. it’s nothing but a shit hole now, best thing is i moved form there in 08-09 My best friends live there still hope they can find a way to escape;)

Donnie Messervey - last year

Kresgee’s on St.Paul st…the facer street fish store…pogo’s at Woolco

    Karen - a couple of months ago

    Wallases on St.Paul, great store!

      Twila Steiger - a couple of months ago

      Wallaces not with an s.

        Don wilson - a couple of months ago

        Hi Twila, Very long time no see. I hope everything is fine with you and Frank.
        How many children?
        Wow it has been a long time

        cheers David (Don) Wilson previously 23 Mildred ave

Maggie May - last year

Can anyone tell me the name of the Roller rink on Ontario st? Not Wheelies on Hartzel, the OLD one…. lol ??????

Dawn McLean - 9 months ago

I can tell you for a fact people went into Blackbeards because my Aunt owned it lol!!!

Jeff Folkersen - a couple of months ago

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Left St. Kits Early ’70’s. Nice memories. Met my true love there, and now we are expats down in sunny St. Petersburg FL. Not bad for a coupla st. kits kids.

Sandra Sawyer - a couple of months ago

I remember Wallace’s downtown with the walkway leading to the kid’s dept., Vito’s pizza at the corner of Lake and Dufferin, Smokie’s shoe repair on Taylor Ave…I could go on. Thanks for the walk down memory lane

Jon Shaw - a couple of months ago

But no mention of the Trews song “montebello park” or the death of tim horton at the QEW / lake street overpass??

Ryan Brown - a couple of months ago

Thanks so much for these great memories. it’s a shame that St. Catharines is so different now, but I’m sure that’s what everyone says about their hometown as the years go by. You’re definitely from St. Catharines if you know to spell it with an “a” and not an “e”! I’ll add a memory as well. Being from the north end area near Scott and Geneva I remember the ” bike” trails” in the wooded area behind Fairview mall. Before the YMCA and the box stores were built. I spent hours there with my friends on bmx bikes. I’m sure it must have been a party place for teenagers as well. As a skateboarder I also remember when Sud Skates was on Bond St. Ahhhh the memories…

Emma - a couple of months ago

I am currently on a month and a half long journey in Australia, every time I get drunk and run out of smokes I ask people “do you know where the closest Avondale is?” To which they stare at me blankly or just laugh because it’s so very apparent I’m not a local lol awww I miss st kitts.

Katie - a couple of months ago

Did anyone else have nightmares from that terrifying mural on the antique store wall on Welland Ave (or if not Welland Ave, somewhere near downtown)? That creepy staring baby…

    Dom - a couple of months ago

    It is still there at Welland & Geneva. My kids point out “Mickey Mouse” every time we go by.

Kelly Campbell - a couple of months ago

Does anyone remember the big sand piles?? Our parents used to take us to Avondale Dairy for ice cream then to go run up and down the sandpiles. My mom would brush us off before getting back into car. Lol

Carli - a couple of months ago

Enchanted antiques!!! Haha, that mural has been there forever!! Born and raised in St. Catharines…attended Alexandra which I believe was the first public school in the region, and spent a few ‘breaks’ huddled in Pearson Park during the Laura Secord years! It’s been awesome reading everyone’s comments and memories! Lot’s of changes around here, but that’s life. I loved taking my son to the hobby shop window to put his little hand on the window hand and seeing what must have been my same expression when I was his age on his face when that train came round. Good times, good times!

Rona - a couple of months ago

How about shopping at Meatland on Bunting Road.,The Stompers and the Virgel Stampede!

Rick Smith - a couple of months ago

The Pen Center was an outdoor mall. The Lincoln and the Palace Theaters downtown. The Lakeshore Drive In. I remember the Haig Bowl when it was an outdoor rink. Coming home this summer.

Joanna - a couple of months ago

Fabulous memories and a ton of laughs. I moved away 20 years ago but continue to visit my folks from time to time. The city has definitely changed, but this list helps me to remember the beautiful garden city that I called home not what it is now.

Thank you

Al Wight - a couple of months ago

Going to Charlie Chans in the Pendale Plaza, or the Welland House. As a kid going to Peter Pans drive in restaurant on Ontario St. After Peter Pans it became a Mr.Subs.

    Nicky - 3 weeks ago

    Uncle Al- the port Dalhousie carnival with late night fireworks

Al Wight - a couple of months ago

As mayor Joe would say, its a fine fine city. Oh and lets not forget Scruff Connors from 97.7 htzFm…….

Cathy - a couple of months ago

Roller skating at Wheelies on Hartzel Rd…..
Buffalo chips at Casey’s restaurant at the pen
When there was still an A & W on Ontario street that brought trays out and clipped them on your window in the late 70’s
The awesome mini-put with died blue water at the Lincoln Mall for date nights

Cathy - a couple of months ago

Oh…and I forgot Mothers Pizzareria on Geneva Street
Mayor Roy Adams, such an awesome man

Geraldine (Fishleigh) Kelter - a couple of months ago

Sundays at Port on the rides and playing all the clip-games. Never forget the Carousel – still there thanks to the Friends of the Carousel.

Dom - a couple of months ago

How many of you learned to drive at Foster’s, with Mr Foster who looked like he drove the first car in the city. “STOP does not mean, Skid Tires On Pavement” I also remember a time when the 406 ended downtown. And the “new” Walmart was way out in the west end.

gent.william@gmail.com - a couple of months ago

Remember driving to work downtown in winter and my car sliding down the unsanded hill to the parking lot where the arena now stands

Raymond Peters - a couple of months ago

I remember having my first cig in Secord Woods behind Ferndale School. Also the Rush Jam House on St. Paul Street. I left St. Kitts in 1976 to relocate in Saskatoon.

David Christiansen - a couple of months ago

I can claim to have memories of just about all.
#17 in particular. Grantham Open Air Market owned by John and Alice Moukperian. I started working there when i was 14.
Tears me up to walk Ontario Street now. John and Alice were the best people I could have worked for. I obtained my love for growing things from them.
I remember walking across the highway(QEW) to the fairview mall. No fences and no traffic. wow, am I really that old.

    David Christiansen - a couple of months ago

    IRoller skating at the rink on Ontario st. Fishing at Martindale pond and camping out overnight with my brothers. You can’t do stuff like that anymore. Police would stop by and tell us we weren’t supposed to be there but never made us leave or put out our camp fires. Camping at Shangrila could fill in for Weraskiwin I believe. Sigh. Such fun times

Wendy Cullen - a couple of months ago

How about Lever’s potato chips off Carlton Street just behind the Dairy Queen. Chips came in a box and had a picture of a Majorette in full uniform on the front.
And Cozy Restaurant on Lake Street. Started when I was a kid as a small little diner sort of place..It is still there, only much bigger, and serves the best Chinese Food in the City. Still owned by the Wong family too.
Markarians Steak House on Ontario Street (where the Wildfire is now). The steak house eventually expended to offer the first take out pizza in town.

    Twila Steiger - a couple of months ago

    Twila Steiger
    How about Homestead Donuts on Lake St long before Tim Hortons ever existed .the best still!
    Now on Wright St off the south service Rd.
    That was Truckers Haven !
    Across the road was the cement plant.
    As kids at Maywood School on Johnson St ,we crossed the highway to get to McGeachies for a snack!
    How about Simpsons towing and restaurant on the corner of Johnson St?(now Haig St.)

Debra - a couple of months ago

Burgeoning Woods Pool
The Grantham 5 and 10
MacKinnon’s (before it was GM) Mac Baseball Team
Woolworth’s at the Fairview Mall – lunch counter
Harvey’s on Ontario Street with the huge bags of fresh potatoes for French Fries
Submarine Races at the canal (anyone remember these)

    David Christiansen - a couple of months ago

    the potato chip place was a fav,, was always a truck left unlocked with some chips left in it.

    tobogganing on suicide hill was always a desirable risk.

ang - a couple of months ago

Loved that club 404 and what’s with naming streets “Louth” out past Martindale? Is That even a Word?

Tyler B - a couple of months ago

All these bring back so many memories!!! Yes! Club 404! Amazing! And don’t forget Raham’s on St. Paul, The Hideaway…and was anyone else into BMX and go to a spot referred to as “bicycle forest”????

C.R. - a couple of months ago

I still refer to plastic shopping bags as “A&P” bags.

Sandy's - a couple of months ago

How about the yearly walk-a-thon for the “Crippled Children’s Centre”?

Twila Steiger - a couple of months ago

Remember Masons Dairy Bar at the Spilt in the road for Carlton St and the South Service Rd.I met my husband there.
How about the elephants walking down Geneva St to the circus grounds ( now where Fairview Mall exists)
How about the Centre Theatre and the Park theatre on James St?
We went to the Garden Centre Arena ,then to the Park theatre for good old Action movies and popcorn all for 25cents.
I am adding years to all this commentary ! Love it!

    Don wilson - a couple of months ago

    Twila, don’t forget the bridge over the 12 mile creek on the QEW we used to slide down the hole from the top of the bridge just under the lions ,down to the bottom of the concrete. until some one used it to defecate in then we didn’t do that anymore. lol

gail - a couple of months ago

Walking to show saw more than a show walking home with diane ,across the river ever weekend to Wayne bar, riding the old horses across canal fell off a lot, going to canal guys throwing money to us, first smoke at canal ridin. bike with no seat playing nicky nack nine doors laughing all the way, helping Whitty with papers loved that boy.Mildred ave best place to live 4 of us in one room move bed to get in closet was that not fun. NEVER happen today ice box and coal pot belly stove trap door to basement

Linda Hallett nee Honsberger,Delgaty - a couple of months ago

Thanks for all the wonderful memories ! But the best time of my life was spent at the UAW hall on Carlisle St.
For the dances on Friday night ,Saturday afternoon,and back again on Saturday night ! Our parents knew where we were every weekend ! Dancing to the 50’s and 60’s music.

Leo - a couple of months ago

So-o-ooo many wonderful memories come flooding back! flirting with the roller skating carhops at the A&W on Ontario St, playing pool at Tim & Mac Billiards on St. Paul St. and Kares on Pleasant Ave (and then walking over to the “Duck” – Golden Pheasant for ‘refreshments’), the Lakeport Annex (forerunner to Lakeport Secondary School) across from the Ontario St A&W, Sgt. Harry Artinian visiting Maywood with Elmer to raise the green triangular Safety flag for no accidents, playing lacrosse on gravel in the summer in the open air Haig Bowl and in the Lions Bowl in Pt. Dalhousie, helping sand and paint the damaged horses in the Port Carousel, wandering the Book Fair in Fairview Mall for school supplies, paying 35 cents for a double feature at the Centre Theater on James St., my parents listening to CKTB and then John Larocque on CHSC while I kept bugging them to turn the car radio to CHUM 1050. Great, great memories!

Joan - a couple of months ago

I remember mailing letters at the post office at the corner of Queen and King Streets. Walked up the stairs, mailed the letters and down the other side Also Glasses (linen and towel store) on James or Queen. Eatons that took up the block from Ontario Street to Williams Street on St. Paul Street and the bus stops opposite on the other side of St. Paul Street. Also remember being told about the horses drinking trough at the delta where Queenston St and Church Street come together. A service garage was there also which is now stores. I remember the Horse shows at the park on Queenston Street every summer which now have homes built there and a baseball diamond beside. Also remember Bissonette and Joys a haberdasher store near Diane Sweets. I remember going to the So-Ed (Social and Education) dances at the YMCA on Queen Street and the beautiful wooden staircase in the foyer of the Y. Also the swimming pool. at the Y. I still think of the beautiful windows in that building every time I am in that area. Also remember the band concerts at Montobello Park where we’d go to meet boys.

Tim Minke - a couple of months ago

Ahh st. Kits my life long home. New outlet mall on the outskirts and the new looks to everything. I still remember a&p and still call metro a&p even tho I worked there for a couple of months. I may only be 19 but I remember a lot of these and I miss a lot of old things of this now …lacking. City.. Will always be my home but its not as great as it used to be

gail - a couple of months ago

going to Iland were Towers and house,s used to be building raft falling in water remember Gary andKen alot of us fool,s had a ball. of course Diane was there wish i new were she was now her last name was if i spell it right was Brullett she had 2 brothers one WAS Tommy a sister 2 but do not remember names she lived ofPatricia dr.

David Wright (and Jacqueline Wright) - a couple of months ago

Wow. This was really great to see. I have so many good memories of St. Catharines when my late wife and I lived there
from 1998 until 2006, when she passed away. We had so many great friends and there was so much to do in the region.
Thanks for sharing this.

JJ - last month

Hey, were any of you guys at that show when Wally Wemnant played at Jerry’s Alley?

Rosie - 3 weeks ago

There were carpeted ramps at the pen too and a Consumers in the plaza at Scott and Vine where Firestone is

Christine - 3 weeks ago

don’t forget suicide hill behind the old haircloth factory for sledding. they also had a carnival there every summer too. remember the “right(sp?)house” at the fairview.
when pen centre was open air, playing in the sandpiles at the canal, being able to catch frogs and tadpoles in the creek running behind dalewood school, now its dead from pollution or filled in in some spots. remember maplewood school, grantham high.
goodness there are just so many!

Patti - a couple of weeks ago

Still more stuff: Merritton pool was free, even the lessons.
The lobster man truck parked on Lincoln Ave, competed with KFC for your nose, before KFC moved across the street.
Dairy Queen did not have doors, and had hanging bananas.
Somebody, usually mom, would say “watch out for that sand plant hill” if you were driving to the Falls.
You got your ears pierced at the Right House.
There was a wading pool behind Sears.
You skipped school at Aunt Mary’s (and waited out a few snowstorms when the buses stopped)
The lower level parking lot carnival.


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